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We share your concern about rising healthcare costs. We are attempting to control the cost of health care within the community while striving to maintain high standards of quality and service. High-quality equipment and service is expensive to purchase and maintain. If we are to continue to provide high-quality health care at a competitive price, it is important that we receive timely payment for those services.

Health insurance can be complex.  Your medical insurance represents a contract between you and your insurance carrier.  Policy coverage varies from one insurance plan to another and services provided may or may not be covered by your insurance carrier.  We are committed to working with you to make the process as simple and understandable as possible.  As a service to our patients, we will submit insurance claims for you, based on the most current insurance information we have been given prior to the service being provided.  To insure accurate and timely processing of your services, we ask you to provide accurate insurance information to us.  Therefore, please present your insurance card at every visit.

Mason City Clinic participates in a variety of health care insurance programs, which aid in the payment of medical costs. Contact our Business Office for a current listing of those insurance carriers with which we do not participate.  Some insurance companies require pre-authorization of certain procedures.  You are ultimately responsible for any known co-payment or deductible not satisfied as well as non-covered services.  Payment of co-payments is required at the time of service.  Once payment is received by the insurance company, any unpaid balance is forwarded to you and becomes your responsibility.  We appreciate timely payment.  Any unpaid balances could result in placement with a third party collection agency.

Worker's Compensation

Mason City Clinic will also file Worker’s Compensation claims as a courtesy to you.  Upon every visit for your work injury, please notify the Reception staff that the visit is Worker’s Compensation related.  If you have employer approval and all the necessary billing information, we will bill those claims to your employer or their Worker’s Compensation insurance carrier.  Please be advised that until your employer approves the claim as worker’s compensation, it will be your responsibility and we may bill your health insurance carrier.  If you do not have health insurance, you will be responsible for the bill.

Personal Injury Cases

Based on laws regarding liability charges, your claim may or may not be paid in a timely manner.  We will file with the third party liability carrier first.  If the third party liability carrier will not pay, we will file your claim with your health insurance carrier.  However, the charges are ultimately your responsibility. 

Payment of Charges for Minor Children

Iowa Law (section 597.14, Code of Iowa) states that both parents are equally responsible for payment of charges of their minor children.  In cases of divorce, the divorce decree may order one parent to pay medical bills or have costs split equally between both parents.  This does not relieve the other parent and that parent has equal responsibility for payment.  Our policy states that the custodial parent will be considered the child’s responsible party.  That parent will receive any statements and be responsible for payment.  Payment arrangements should be determined between both parents prior to the service being provided.

Release of Information

Federal Law prohibits Mason City Clinic from releasing any information to a third party unless written authorization from the patient has been obtained, with the exception of Worker’s Compensation claims or otherwise provided by law or third-party contractual arrangements.  If you wish for us to send information about your condition or discuss your account with any third party, a written authorization signed by the patient will be required.   

For your convenience we accept cash, check, Discover, VISA and MasterCard.  If you have any questions regarding your billing please contact the Business Office at 641-494-5460. 

We appreciate you choosing Mason City Clinic meet your healthcare needs.  We are committed to do the very best we can to provide you with the best of care.

Our physicians and staff work as a team and take great pride in our training, abilities, and dedication to our community.

We are pleased to be able to serve you.